angry birds cake,  birthday party

Sofie’s Angry Bird Birthday Part 2

After the cake ordeal, next stop was the party. We did’t really plan a big one, we just ordered spaghetti from McDonald’s, blew some balloons and along with the cake, brought the classic hot dog and marshmallow combo to school. We didn’t want a big production that will end up disrupting the kids routine, so we just inserted our mini-party during the snack and story time. Since it’s our first time to have a school party, the teachers were very helpful and we all enjoyed the party. The Angry Birds cake was a sure hit, as apparently even kids as young as three know who they are. They each got a slice of cake and an angry bird, Sofie got the piglet 😉
My husband and I prepared a “little entertainment”, instead of having clowns or mascots that only end up making the kids cry. We got some floating cards and Wacky Worms and try to do our own “magic”. We practiced for about a week . . . okay. . . he practiced, while I watched, as he made Wacky jump and spin and dance. A classic case of stage fright struck us right before we went to the  kids room, even though our audience is just a bunch of pre-schoolers. Luckily, it’s easy to make them happy and everyone liked their new friends “Purpley” and “Pinky”. 
After the school party we had a little party of our own, I asked Sofie if she liked her party and she said Mommy and Daddy “fixed” it and that she is so happy. At the end of the day that’s all we really wanted.